Forbo Flooring Systems announces the launch of their third new homogeneous vinyl range featuring a vibrant high-end design in a luxury palette of 24 colours.

Following the success of two Sphera ranges for the healthcare and education markets, Forbo has now released Sphera Evolution that offers designers the opportunity to use the complex visual effects to create striking flooring designs. Evolution’s stunning appeal comes from the intricate mix of spheres, granules and colour pigments added during the manufacturing process.

The colour palette of 24 shades contains a mixture of innovative gold, silver, glitter or transparent chips to add depth and expression as well as create interest.

The colours are organised into three visual themes, which not only work alongside each other but also on their own: Plain is a collection of striking, solid colours with silver or gold highlights; Shaded consists of a darker colour palette with contrasting metallic glitter effects, and Pearl is a range of lighter tones featuring transparent chips and a pearlescent effect.

Forbo Flooring’s head of marketing in the UK and Ireland, Janet Lowe commented on the new collection: “Following Forbo’s investment into the brand new production facility in Coevorden, Holland, we have already seen the development of two Sphera ranges, which have proved very popular in the healthcare and education markets. As such, we are very pleased to announce the launch of Sphera Evolution – the premium design collection.

“The unique aesthetics of Sphera Evolution takes homogeneous vinyl sheets into entirely new directions. The innovative chip design has resulted not only in a fresh and exciting design, but extends the sector appeal further still, particularly in areas where aesthetics are of paramount importance such as leisure, hospitality and retail. It also boasts the exceptional performance of our previous Sphera collections, such as our innovative embossing technology, which ensures that the collection has a matt high-end aesthetic, while maintaining ease of cleaning and maintenance.”

Forbo Sphera has very low emissions of <10µg/m² after 28 days, is phthalate-free and also offers colourways with high light reflectance values ensuring it can contribute to a healthy indoor environment. The SMART-top PUR surface treatment also resists stains and is easy to clean to provide safe and hygienic floors for end users.