New, nature-inspired eco-flooring from Forbo Flooring will be released at designEX with the release of three ranges: Graphic, Prisma and Mineral.

Artoleum Prisma includes both a subtle and a bold design and is ideal for creating floors with colour-matched borders, panels and other design features; Artoleum Mineral features warm, neutral colours and quiet patterning while Artoleum Graphic features black, white and grey-based designs inspired by the markings of lithography, etching and block printing.

With proven durability, Artoleum is homogeneous so colours go all the way through the material and will not fade. Forbo’s Topshield finish protects it from scuff marks and dirt build-up.

Artoleum is also bio-degradeable as it is made from harvestable raw materials. With a closed life-cycle, it carries the Good Environmental Choice Label.