he new STEP collection from Forbo is the first fully co-ordinated collection of slip-resistant safety flooring that provides harmonious mix and match options across barefoot safety, R10, R11 and R12 ranges.

Other attributes include the easy maintenance and static dissipative properties of SureStep PUR; a carborundum/quartz particle blend that provides protection against slipping for much longer than conventional safety flooring; and pure vinyl wear layers for extreme durability, wear resistance and easy cleaning!

STEP offers more than conventional safety flooring with a palette designed to allow for greater visual consistency. This means that different slip requirements in adjacent settings can easily be met.

The collection comprises: SureStep PUR with an R10 rating for a moderate increase of slip resistance, suitable for general purpose or hard wearing areas.The surface is reinforced with polyurethane PUR; it has excellent maintenance, static dissipative and indentation properties and comes.in 20 colours; SafeStep Grip: with a R10 Barefoot Safety rating and embossed surface offering for safety in wet areas, barefoot areas or where shoes with soft soles are worn. Its raised surface drains water away and provides good slip protection and it comes in 10 colours; SafeStep with a R11 slip rating, available in 10 colours, suits areas with a general need for enhanced slip resistance and where hygienic standards must be easily maintained and

SafeStep R12, designed for high slip resistance and available in four colours, is a safety floor that meets hygiene and safety standards in the most extreme conditions.

This collection is for use in commercial kitchens, hospitality, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical applications, healthcare, shops, offices and educational facilities.