Energy costs continue to rise, accounting for a significant part of a family’s living expenses. Households everywhere are trying to find ways to save money on everyday utilities and costs.

The climatic extremes in most parts of Australia necessitate the seasonal use of air conditioners and home heaters to create a comfortable living environment. However, the continuous use of these systems translates into higher energy consumption, resulting in massive energy bills. One effective way to control costs on energy use in the home throughout the year is through an effective home insulation solution.

Advances in home building technology have seen polystyrene become a preferred material for home insulation and for good reason too. Polystyrene is a known low thermal conductor, meaning its composite make-up is perfect for keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer and everything in between.

Foamex Group offers two products ideal for insulating your home all year round: Expol for underfloor insulation and Styroboard EPS for walls.

Expol is a highly versatile underfloor insulation solution that can either be retrofitted into existing houses, or installed in new homes. Fitted snugly between floor joists, Expol Underfloor effectively keeps heat from entering the home space during summer, or leaking out during winter.

Styroboard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Sheets) can be used in both commercial and residential applications. This insulation system combines weather resistance with excellent thermal insulation properties, and is ideal for use in walls, ceilings and flat or inverted roofs.

Foamex offers the assurance of up to 12 per cent savings on your heating bills.