Small businesses need to constantly look for low cost ways to promote their offerings professionally and effectively.

External signage on the shopfront or business premises acts as a round-the-clock promotional tool that draws people’s attention to the business and informs them about the availability of specific services or products. External signs with clear messaging and a stand-out design are highly effective in not only attracting new customers to the business but also reminding old customers about the existence of the business.

Businesses, especially those who have been in an area for a long time, should consider refreshing their external signage at regular intervals.

Additionally, internal signage is equally important to keep up the novelty factor. A shop’s interiors can be refreshed using internal signs, preventing the inside environment from looking tired, rundown and faded. Businesses selling their own products can invest in a few signs and keep the messaging informative and direct. Those selling products sourced from multiple suppliers can use the signage usually provided with the goods for promotions.

Signage is also important when you take your business on the road to markets, conventions or exhibitions. You just have to ensure they are also portable.

Foamex’s signage solutions

Foamex Group can create sturdy 3D signs and displays from their expanded polystyrene (EPS) products. Signs made from EPS are durable, lightweight, low-cost and easy to transport.