FRP systems from Fleetwood Urban were used extensively to build boardwalks, bridges and stairways along the walking and cycling trail created for the community in Terrys Creek in Marsfield, NSW.

With Project Terrys Creek, Ryde Council sought to provide the community with a safe walking and cycling trail that would not impact the native bush and tree root systems. Terrys Creek is a calm creek that runs through the city of Ryde and is home to diverse Australian flora and fauna. However, fresh urban development and a changing environment have endangered a forest of blue gum and Sydney Turpentine Ironbark, affecting the creek and its wildlife.

Fleetwood Urban was engaged by Ryde Council to deliver a total of 236 lineal metres of FRP boardwalks, bridges and stairways across 12 sections on the rugged bush trail running beside Terrys Creek. An assessment was performed at each location to determine the boardwalk system that would best suit the natural environment.

Fleetwood Urban’s Mars and Bower systems, which are lightweight FRP structures and mesh decking, were found perfect for difficult access projects such as the creek. All materials had to be physically transported along the existing trail (the furthest section being 1km from the compound).

Ryde Council procured and engaged Fleetwood Urban via Local Government Procurement (LGP) as the company was pre-qualified under LGP 308.2 - Open Space Structures. Procuring via LGP allows Council to request quotes directly from their chosen pre-qualified contractors, saving time and taxpayers’ money, as well as getting the assurance that their project requirements can be met.

Fleetwood Urban completed the project in about five weeks and great care was taken to reduce the impact on the native flora and fauna. Minimal excavation and demolition combined with the use of specialised FWU equipment designed to minimise ground disturbance as well as battery operated tools and silent generators avoided disruption to the bush area.

The project was completed without incident with Fleetwood Urban even keeping the track open to the public while constructing a new boardwalk.