How should you hang an overhead cupboard on a plasterboard wall? The neighbour has no idea and the brother-in-law, who’s a carpenter, is on holiday. Perhaps the Internet can help?

That’s where you will find practical advice on anchoring at Fischer’s website. In the virtual house the fixings specialist shows clear examples of the common applications and describes the suitable anchors.

The virtual house is divided into the cellar area, hall, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Of course, typical outdoor tasks are also included. How do you anchor an awning? A click on the application and the user finds a selection of the common building materials - the suitable choice of anchor always depends on the base material.

Once this question has been answered, the suitable anchors are shown. In addition to a picture, technical information is given on the product, on installation and the packaging is displayed. And if you want to know more about the product, you can click into the Fischer online product catalogue. Here you will find information on accessories, technical details and approvals.

The DIY enthusiast looking for help will not only find solutions for specific applications in the virtual house, but can also get information on the basics of anchoring engineering. Everything you need to know about anchors is presented in ten chapters. The chapters can be printed out as pdf documents.

The advice on anchoring in the virtual house is a quick source of help for common fixing problems.