Fischerwerke of Waldachtal now have an extensive range of fire approved fixing elements which meet ultimate safety standards in passive and practical fire protection.  

The best fire protection is of little use if the fixing elements are not fire tested and approved. The strength and useful life of many building components depends to a large extent on the quality of the fixing elements. Anchors and plugs play a particularly important role in passive fire protection, for instance to keep escape routes clear of falling down building elements.  

The properties of plugs and anchors are specified and stipulated in a number of laws, regulations and special approvals. Depending on type and use of the anchor or plug, the approvals or fire test certificates show the appropriate values for loads and the duration of fire exposure.  

Anchors for suspended ceilings

The fischer plug types Nail Anchor FNA II, the Zykon hammerset anchor FZEA II, the hammerset anchor EA II and the EXA Express Anchor M 8 – M 12 are typical fixings for suspended ceilings and similar redundant systems such as ventilation shafts or pipe conduits. For these applications, the load is limited in compliance with the approval or with the fire test report, and as factor of the diameter to 0.3 to 1.6 kN per fixing.