Faucet Australia  offers a new range of mixer taps by Faucet Strommen called Pegasi in a stylish black chrome finish.

Black elements are making their way into bathrooms in a strong way. This emerging design trend moves away from the norm and brings a certain glamour and boldness to bathroom décor.

Pegasi black chrome mixer taps are also available with chrome trim for greater design freedom.

The high gloss black chrome finish is electroplated and available on the entire Pegasi range of mixer taps including slide showers.

Pegasi black chrome mixer taps by Faucet Strommen use a water-saving 2-stage valve called Flowstep-life. This makes it easy to save water in day-to-day use.

As the user lifts the handle to switch on the mixer, it comes to a tactile step. This gives a gentle flow for hand rinsing applications. To achieve full flow, the handle needs to be lifted past the step.

Pegasi black chrome mixer taps are available in chrome, brushed chrome and black chrome finishes.

Pegasi mixer taps are Australian-built and carry a 15-year guarantee.