Faucet Australia presents the Pegasi 3060 slide shower taps with brass micro head and inflow 900.

The Pegasi range of slide shower taps are built from solid brass and represents Faucet Australia’s ultimate in build quality and use of new technology for easy, positive adjustment.

The Pegasi slide shower taps are made to be moved through a fine clicking motion to make it easy to select the best angle and ensure that it remains firmly in the set position without drooping, seizing or changing friction with moisture, temperature and time.

The micro head feature of the Pegasi 3060 is a minimalist performer of clean design. The brass micro shower head produces a full cover spray due to precise jet diameter and angle.  The shower head is also light, easy to handle and made from solid brass.

Features of the Pegasi 3060 slide showers:

  • Brass micro head, single function
  • Sleek inflow rail incorporates water supply
  • Click-adjust angle mechanism
  • Built in Australia
  • Available in chrome, brushed chrome, black and back and chrome

The Pegasi 3060 silde shower taps are available from Faucet Australia.