Fairview Architectural has introduced a new BCA compliant, non-combustible aluminium cassette cladding system as an alternative to ACM panels.

Developed by Fairview in consultation with industry experts, the new 3mm Vitradual non combustible cladding allows fabrication after coating, unlike traditional powder-coated aluminium. The cladding product minimises lead times and reduces error costs, providing a distinct advantage over similar solid aluminium products.

Vitradual cladding was first installed at the Nero Apartments project in Queensland’s riverfront precinct of Newstead. Currently under construction, the hotel-style luxury apartments designed by Ellivo Architects feature the Vitradual solid aluminium facade in Light Gold Metallic, the sparkling facade panels adding a touch of glamour to the building.

Fairview Architectural CEO Andrew Gillies explains that the solid aluminium cladding product Vitradual offers ease of use, flexible installation and a wide range of finishes that have made their aluminium composite products Vitracore G2 and Vitrabond very popular in the industry.

Besides being non-combustible, Vitradual aluminium cladding is also lightweight, highly durable, and versatile in application.

Vitradual enters the market just a month after Fairview’s acquisition of STRYUM, an intelligent non-combustible aluminium cladding system from Vitekk Industries. Both STRYUM and Vitradual cladding products complement Fairview's current product range featuring natural stone cladding, terracotta tiles, compressed fibre cement, sandwich panels and much more.