The Opportunity Green Summit, due to be held in Melbourne next month will feature a presentation by David Keenan, Vice President - Industry Sector, Siemens Ltd and Chairman of Silcar on the close link between technology and sustainability.

The rapidly expanding world is not only increasing in complexity but also consuming resources at a fast pace, presenting several challenges to productivity, energy and water, safety and security as well as mobility and healthcare.

Increasing dependence on technology solutions in the 20th century has changed the face of Australia, allowing its people to expand urban boundaries, travel further, live longer and consume more. But the consequent pressure on resources makes it imperative for Australians to find sustainable solutions that would help maintain the widespread infrastructure and expanding population without placing a heavy burden on future generations.

Key challenges include:

  • Consumption of water and energy: Advanced technology could play a key role in sustainable resources but is held back by limited progress and lack of impetus
  • An ageing population and rising costs increase pressure on the healthcare industry in spite of productivity and medical advancements
  • Security of Australia’s food production and ability to sustain is linked with managing population, water, energy and technology
Exploring the relationship between people, technology and sustainability, Mr Keenan’s presentation will pose some thought-provoking questions and also take a look at how Australians can resolve these issues and achieve a sustainable balance that also protects the fragile environment.

David Keenan’s insights will explore how recognising and fortifying the connections between Australia’s technology, people and environment may help achieve a balanced and sustainable future.

The Opportunity Green Summit is organised by Expotrade Australia .