Septic tanks have historically been the go-to option for homes without access to the main sewer line to dispose of their wastewater. While these tanks are capable of carrying out this task consistently and dependably, they are not very efficient at handling waste. Now there is a more effective option that produces effluent of a quality high enough for re-use in gardens and other areas – Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTSs).

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems: A Guide for Specifiers describes the operation of AWTSs, important design considerations related to them, and the regulatory environment that people working with them must be aware of. We look at how AWTSs treat wastewater and the processes for enhancing effluent quality so that it is suitable for second-use applications. We outline the key differences between septic tanks and AWTSs. Finally, we discuss the key design considerations when selecting an AWTS that is suitable for your project.

Everhard Industries is an Australian family-owned manufacturer of Drainage, Wastewater and Environmental solutions for residential and commercial applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, their Aqua Advanced AWTS is the complete solution to recycling household wastewater.


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