Available from Everdure , the patented health-e-plates and barbecue grills are angled at 15º to allow waste to drain to a central collection system that can be disposed of easily.

The angle of the plates and grills allows a more even distribution of the heat means the user experiences more efficient cooking with no ‘cold’ spots.

The patent pending Mult-e-Cook plate provides a wide range of cooking options including smoking, saucing and sizzling. 

E2 Mult-e-Plate is a more compact option that incorporates the latest innovations offering all the health-e attributes of other eBQs and is available as a flat plate, open grill and health-e grill.

The open barbecue grills are often a focal part of barbecuing and the Open-e Grill and Vaporiser ensures a restaurant style grill mark while draining away surplus grease. The Pro Vaporiser helps to reduce the chance of flare ups while providing a more even heat distribution.

Positioned at 15º the Health-e Plate ensures that all unwanted grease is drained away, making them a healthier alternative to the traditional flat plate.