Euroclad  provide design and manufacturing services for a range of copper, aluminium and zinc roofing and cladding products. The architectural grade copper and zinc roofing products supplied by Euroclad can be used for commercial and residential construction applications. Using advanced design and manufacturing strategies, Euroclad offer supply services for a range of rainwater goods, flashings, chimney cowlings, doors and airconditioning vents. Euroclad provide customised manufacturing and installation services for a range of roofing and cladding materials. The roofing and cladding systems distributed by Euroclad are manufactured according to industrial quality standards.

The non-ferrous architectural grade copper materials supplied by Euroclad are suitable for application in steel, electronics, refrigeration and ship building industries. Copper panels can be used for plumbing, construction and cladding and roofing applications. The copper roofing panels manufactured by Euroclad are resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Copper panels can be effectively used for commercial and residential construction applications.

Euroclad’s zinc and copper roofing and cladding systems are available in a range of models, sizes and designs. Euroclad provide professional product selection advice and installation support services to its clients with distinct construction requirements.