Envirosystems Technologies presents a complete package solution for waterproofing external surfaces. The Enviro Trafficable System provides a hardwearing, UV stable waterproof system, capable of standing up to vehicular traffic and offering a slip-resistant surface.

The Enviro Trafficable System offers a quick turnaround in external waterproofing applications, helping reduce the construction period in comparison with conventional membrane, screed or tile systems. Available in a range of colours, the system delivers superior functional and aesthetic outcomes along with the assurance of ongoing service and support from Envirosystems Technologies.

The Enviro Trafficable System comprises of primer, membrane, wear coat and top coat.

The Enviro Trafficable System:

Primer: Enviro Prime P2

A two-component, highly flexible, polyurethane primer, Enviro Prime P2 offers excellent adhesion to concrete substrates with an adhesive strength exceeding 3MPa.

Membrane: Enviro HP1200

Enviro HP1200 is the original membrane product from Envirosystems’ flagship HP product series. A two-component, spray-applied, solvent-free, flexible and 100% solids hybrid polyurethane waterproofing membrane, Enviro HP1200 exhibits the inherent flexibility and shore hardness of polyurethane along with the abrasion resistance and strength of polyurea. Enviro HP1200 allows for seamless application to provide a more robust waterproofing system. Instantaneous quality assurance ensures any potential points of weakness in the membrane are identified and remedied immediately, mitigating the risk of system failure.

Wear Coat: Enviro 950PUR

Enviro 950PUR is a hardwearing, flexible, solvent-free and high build polyurethane coating used in conjunction with various aggregates including dry kiln sand, aluminium oxide and carborundum to provide strength, durability and trafficability to the Enviro Trafficable System. This coating serves as a base to the top coat, and can be applied in a thickness range of 0.6mm to 3mm depending on the anticipated level of traffic.

Top Coat: Enviro 850PUR T.C.

Enviro 850PUR T.C. is a solvent-free, flexible, 100% solids polyaspartic coating system with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, allowing for a long-lasting coating in tough conditions. An aesthetically pleasing top coat, it can be colour-matched to Australian standard colours.

The Enviro Trafficable System has been used successfully in a variety of projects Australia wide including Fiona Stanley Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital, 2-4 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach, and Sydney Exhibition Centre, Event Deck.