Human health and wellbeing have a deep connection with nature; however, increasing urbanisation offers very little opportunity for people to interact with the natural world, creating a disturbing disconnect that leads to mental and physical stress.

Research has shown that wood has a positive effect on the human mind. By bringing nature indoors through the use of wood, building occupants can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being in touch with the living world.

Wooden surfaces in interior spaces increase the comfort factor in many ways – they have a calming effect, improve air quality by modifying humidity, enhance the occupants’ creativity and productivity, and lower stress levels; besides they also function as a long-term carbon store, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Acknowledging the importance of natural materials in indoor environments, modern interior designers rely on biophilic design principles to help connect future building occupants with nature, and ensure their wellbeing. Timber surfaces are an important element in achieving biophilic design goals within interior environments.

Elton Group offers a collection of timber veneer and wood-based surfaces to bring warmth, texture and vitality to any space. An established supplier of timber veneers with a history that goes back eight decades, Elton is committed to responsible forestry practices, sustainability, quality and aesthetics.

Elton’s curated collection of surfaces ranges from the signature Eveneer timber veneers through to unique WoodWall wooden wallcoverings and healthy plywood – each product encouraging designers and specifiers to push design boundaries and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Sourced from agricultural plantations and sustained-yield forests, Elton’s products combine traditional timber cutting with modern technology. New formats allow timber surfaces to be applied and detailed in innovative ways and with increased efficiency, be it in conforming to curves and tight radii, or covering large surfaces with consistent grain and pattern.

Backed by research and technology, Elton maximises the efficient use of logs, thereby requiring fewer trees. The production process ensures a consistent surface free from knots, splits and discolouration, saving cabinetmakers time and money.

Elton has also collaborated with several reputed designers to create unique, beautiful timber grains. The company’s ongoing research into timber finishes also ensures the production of timber surfaces featuring an enhanced appearance and superior wear characteristics.