The Hilton Hotel in Cairns, Australia is the only 5-star hotel in the city to have retained its brand since it was built 33 years ago. Located in a region that has a number of quality hotels and resorts, the Hilton Cairns has maintained its reputation on its high standards and attention to detail.

The hotel’s 263 rooms comprising a mix of standard rooms, ocean view rooms and suites, together with substantial conference and catering areas plus bars and restaurants, keep the team of 120 staff busy all year round.

Garry Marsh, asset manager for BG Investment Holdings, which owns six hotels in Australia under the management of Hilton, says, “Having a Hilton brand on a building comes with responsibility and that responsibility comes with expectation. The expectation is for anyone who walks in a Hilton and particularly our Hilton, they will receive fantastic service but also quality.”

One way in which a hotel ensures that standards of luxury and cleanliness are kept high is with the quality of its laundry, as this is what the guests will sleep on, see and touch the most during their stay. It is imperative to always have an ample supply of clean guest room and table linen together with impeccably pressed uniforms for the staff, pool towels and guest laundry too.

The previous onsite laundry system at Hilton Cairns was outdated with the aging equipment unable to deliver consistent quality while also causing damage to laundered items. After considerable research into various available options on the market, Hilton Cairns chose Electrolux Professional based on the brand’s global reputation and 100 years of expertise in commercial laundry equipment. Additionally, the hotel factored the results from Electrolux Professional’s ROI calculator, providing a clear picture of the speed of return on investment.

The new Hilton Cairns’ on-premise laundry fitout includes industrial sized washers and dryers, a single operator FFS ironer and an automatic towel folder, which together allow the laundry staff to process on average, an incredible 3,000kg of laundry per day for both the Hilton Cairns and their sister hotel, Double Tree Cairns.

“Having control over quality means having linen that we can ensure is going to meet guest expectations,” Marsh observed.

However, it’s not just the ability to handle the capacity that has made their new investment such a success. They have turned their on-premise laundry operation into a revenue stream by outsourcing the laundry services to meet the needs of local businesses such as the Cairns Convention Centre.

We love success stories from our customers and Hilton Cairns is one of them. Not only did they end up with an efficient laundry operation but were also able to turn it into a revenue stream, blowing the original ROI forecast out of the water in record time.

Needless to say, Marsh “couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project”.