Electrolux Professional has taken commercial laundry systems to the next level by getting the HACCP certification. Electrolux has become the first and currently only HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer.

Cross-contamination and related foodborne illness are currently some of the major issues in the food processing industry, impacting consumer health as well as the company’s profitability due to product recalls. Hygiene and bacteria control therefore need to be prioritised in such production environments.

In the food industry, contamination through laundry is indirect but laundry programs that can be easily set to a disinfectant wash are also essential.

A systematic preventive approach for safety management, HACCP is intended to provide security by ensuring there are no weak links in the food supply chain.

Through a defined and consistent assessment process, HACCP International provides validation of the equipment used in the food industry. This certification has a strong impact on food processing as businesses are now able to guarantee food safety and bacteria control within their in-house laundry.

By analysing the needs and challenges of laundry operators worldwide, Electrolux Professional has developed with its Line 5000, a new range of laundry solutions that meets the HACCP’s strict criteria.

Richard Mallett, Managing Director of HACCP Europe commented that the certification awarded to Electrolux Professional is usually reserved for food service equipment only and is therefore a milestone development for the manufacturer. It reaffirms the crucial role laundry equipment can have in contamination control, playing its part in preventing outbreaks and illness across the globe.

He explains that the robust design and clear instructions within the Line 5000 range ensure that nothing can go unsanitised and restaurants can make a quick and smart investment with ease. Traditionally food manufacturing factories have had to outsource their laundry to guarantee cleanliness but the certification of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range has provided the option to invest in an on-premises laundry system with complete peace of mind.

According to Eugenio Filoni, Global Segment Manager Special On Premises Laundries Electrolux Professional, there are numerous examples of food contamination through non-food input including the laundry flow in a food processing plant. He cited several instances from the previous year where the food industry saw multiple recalls of food and beverage products from meat to cheese at big companies with reasons ranging from metal and glass contamination to Listeria detection.

According to the 2013 European Recall and Notification Index, there were more than 5,000 product safety notifications, with the food industry accounting for 58%, highlighting issues with globalisation and the supply chain, and the associated quality checking process. Filoni concludes that companies need to understand the importance of ensuring personal hygiene and well laundered uniforms within this context.

Electrolux plans to extend the HACCP certification globally.