As a provider of some of Australia’s best commercial equipment, Electrolux Professional offers a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs for laundry and commercial food service systems.

In the market for over 100 years, Electrolux Professional food service and laundry products can be found all over the world. If you are in the market for refrigerated counters, check out these options from Electrolux Professional.

The ecostoreHP Premium

The ecostoreHP Premium offers what we call ‘extrA – for you, this means extrA savings, extrA food, extrA safety, extrA capacity and extrA customisation. This line of refrigerated counters raises the bar as it combines the climate control options you need to keep food safe with the efficiency rating you demand to keep your energy bills under control. With one of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the Australian market, these refrigerated cabinets also have the highest climate class ratings. Whenever you see an ecostoreHP, you know you’re looking at Electrolux Professional’s highest-performing product.

Create your own microclimate

The unique OptiFlow system in the ecostoreHP Premium range controls airflow both vertically and horizontally, enabling you to enjoy uniform temperatures everywhere in your cabinet. Internal LED lights allow you to easily see what’s inside the cabinet without opening it, eliminating energy wastage or unnecessary heat generation, and protecting the climate you create for your food. No matter how hot your working kitchen gets, these refrigerated cabinets will keep your food cool.

More storage with 20% more space

The ecostoreHP Premium line of refrigerated counters offers 50 extra litres of net volume. It means you get 20% more space to store food than when you buy counters of the same size from other manufacturers. Combined with a whole range of customisation options from Electrolux Professional, you can find just the counter you need for your kitchen needs.

Count your savings in real dollars

Speak to the experts at Electrolux Professional to calculate exactly how much the ecostoreHP Premium line of refrigerated cabinets could be saving you in real dollar terms. Features such as 90mm insulated walls and a newly improved gasket design ensuring you will never waste energy; a ‘balloon’ profile gasket creating a perfect seal and allowing easy replacement when needed; low-energy compressors; high-surface evaporators; and high-efficiency fans, all combine to create the most efficient cabinets possible.

The features you need

When you use an ecostoreHP Premium from Electrolux Professional, you never have to worry about understanding how things work or problems developing because you forgot to start a cycle, thanks to intuitive controls and a mostly automated process. The Frost Watch Control automatically calculates when defrost needs to be activated based on how often the door is opened. Also included is an Eco Defrost mode that uses different defrosting methods depending on what’s most efficient for the current temperature.