EcoSmart Hot Water , Australia’s largest locally owned solar water heater company, is encouraging Sydney homeowners to take advantage of the three different rebates overlapping for the purchase of solar hot water systems. These state and government rebates dramatically reduce the upfront cost of solar hot water installation, making it even cheaper than installing a traditional electric water heater.

New South Wales households are entitled to the new federal Solar Hot Water Rebate, as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and the NSW Solar Hot Water rebate.
Romano Bolzon, National Business Manager for EcoSmart Hot Water encouraged the installation of solar hot water systems as one of the most effective ways of reducing energy consumption in homes, resulting in lower electricity costs.

“Taking advantage of these rebates is an easy and inexpensive solution to our energy and environmental problems” Mr Bolzon concluded.

EcoSmart water heaters are designed to be environmentally friendly and save money. EcoSmart’s solar hot water system may reduce household hot water bills by up to 80 per cent over a ten year period, based on a family of four living in Sydney. 

EcoSmart Hot Water is part of the GWA International Ltd group of companies and is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions to Australian homes.