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    Both Government and environmentalists are stressing the need to develop technologies which are environmentally friendly and less reliant on fossil fuels, deforestation and mining operations. Sustainable and replenishable projects are being vigorously sought and investments are increasing into this particular area. With the Greenhouse effect, salinity, and the high application of fertilisers and toxic chemicals has led to numerous restrictions beings imposed on manufacturers and the agricultural and horticultural industries. It therefore makes sense to establish a process which can utilise rejected waste materials (all being replenishable) and convert them into numerous and diverse industrial applications minus the high input of energy. This will also give considerable added value to producer’s raw materials. Eco-carbons Pty Ltd has a process which meets all the criteria mentioned. It is environmentally friendly, providing non toxic products which are safe to handle and utilise for numerous industrial needs - carbon (charcoal) an essential element which has a ready market demand in Australasia.


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