Experience ultimate energy efficiency with our cutting-edge commercial overhead glazing solution.

The Lamilux PR60 operable glass roof system has proudly achieved the prestigious Passive House certification, making Lamilux the sole manufacturer to accomplish this feat with a ‘plant on’ glazing profile.

Designed as a fixed architectural roof light, the PR60 is ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, including shopping centres, sports halls, and aquatic centres. It offers exceptional energy-efficient daylighting, ensuring a well-lit and vibrant interior environment.

Unlocking a new level of versatility, our system integrates PR60 ventilation flaps, transforming it into an operable roof light. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation, natural smoke exhaust (certified to EN12101), and abundant natural light – all in one solution.

Our profile system seamlessly adapts to various construction types and can be installed at any angle from 0° to 90°. With a fully thermally separated structure and an innovative EPDM secondary drainage system, we ensure controlled water and condensate drainage. The integrated ventilation flaps boast an impressively low profile, blending harmoniously with the overall aesthetic while providing exceptional functionality. Each flap can extend up to 3.0m in length and cover a maximum area of 3.0m².

Energy efficiency demonstrated:

  • Insulation glazing with laminated safety glass, offering impressive Ug values ranging from 1.1 to 0.5 W/(m²/K).
  • Heat-transmission coefficient in mullions and transoms (Um/t) ranging from 1.3 to 0.72 W/(m²K), depending on the glazing thickness and optional insulating core.
  • Surface temperature factor fRSi ranging from 0.66 to 0.83, depending on the glazing thickness and optional insulating core.

Unparalleled soundproofing:

Experience comprehensive soundproofing with our PR60 system. Our solution has been rigorously tested to meet EN 10140-2 standards, achieving impressive soundproofing results of up to 46 dB in its as-installed state.

Discover the future of operable glass roof systems with the PR60! Experience energy efficiency, natural light, ventilation, and even smoke exhaust – all elegantly integrated into one solution.