Frameless glass louvres from EBSA Pty Ltd resolved a major design challenge during the redevelopment of the heritage listed Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra.

The design team sought a solution that would help them retain the open outdoor dining environment while providing an unobtrusive barrier to the elements.

EBSA's G12 BS architectural frameless glass louvres complemented this project with their larger 300mm blades. These louvres could also be glazed in commercial quality glass (up to 17.52mm) to meet most performance requirements.

EBSA's louvre systems use a metal rack and gear operating mechanism featuring high German design quality to stand out from the competition. EBSA's G12 BS louvre system was specified for this project as an investment in quality, with assured ROI through years of trouble-free operation in a commercial environment.

The G12 BS louvres were installed with geared winder mechanisms, which unlike traditional map rods used on domestic louvres, feature a geared mechanism with removable or fixed winders to deliver extremely smooth operation.