Easyregency internal timber wall panels from Easycraft can be easily cut with a power saw or a hand saw. The Easyjoin system means that there is no joint sealing required. They are much easier and faster to install than timber planks and plasterboard making them perfect for the DIY client who wants to upgrade or renovate a room over a weekend.

These timber wall panels are made from 9 mm Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibre Rated Board (MDF MR-E1) and come pre-primed and ready to paint. The groove pattern is 3 mm deep and has a centre of 150 mm. They are supplied in one standard width which is 1200 mm and lengths range from 900 mm to 5400 mm.

The timber wall panels are impact resistant and do not contain knot holes, splits, warping or splinters. Being manufactured from wood products it is recommended that machine tools are fitted with dust extractors and operators wear a mask and eye protection for safety.

Easyregency is suited to dado rail height and full height decorative internal walls. These timber wall panels will suit a more traditional style of home and can be used for internal wall linings as well as internal ceiling linings.