Easy Living Home Elevators specialises in stairlifts and stairchairs suited for a straight stairway, and has just launched a new fully integrated stairlift.

The stairlift, which combines increased power and advanced control technology to give the smoothest and safest ride of any stairlift available today, features a new compact slimline design, ensuring minimum intrusion into the staircase.

Called the Meditek stairlift, it can be installed into residential or accessible housing projects, indoors and outdoors, with the choice of stand and perch or swivel seat configurations.

The Easy Living Home Elevators MediTek stairlift range has many standard features and advantages that make owning one a pleasure, while keeping servicing and running costs to a minimum:

Swivel seat is included on all standard seat models.

Sit down or stand and perch options

Deluxe 140kg standard weight carrying capacity

Increased capacity to 160kg available

Fold-up footrest, seat and armrests

Electronic control for smooth operation

Continuous charging of seat battery – no need to park the unit in a specific charge

Operates even if mains power is momentarily lost – will run during a blackout

No trailing cables

Two Infra red hand held transmitter/remote controls

Key switch isolation

Powered or manual folding rail available

Extended range of safety features

Built to last

Wireless remote controls are standard on all models

Extended warranty plans available up to five years.