Easy Living Home Elevators are proud to provide a range of Meditek stair chair lifts that transport a person up and down a stairway, seated on a chair or stand and perch on a platform, which can be installed into residential or accessible housing projects for both indoor and outdoor use. The stair chair lift models combined increased power and advanced control technology to provide the smoothest and safest ride of any stair chair lift available today.

The Easy Living Home Elevators stair chair lift travels along tracking and includes as standard its own unique charging system, which is an exclusive feature of the Meditek range of stair lifts. Unlike other battery operated stair chair lifts, the Easy Living Home Elevators Meditek stair chair lift will remain on charge regardless of the park position. This means that if you want to leave the stair chair lift anywhere along the rail this does not present a problem. It also ensures that your stair chair lift is always charged and ready for use.

The Easy Living Home Elevators Meditek Deluxe stair chair lift offers a complete solution when operated with the optional automated footrest, powered seat swivel, power or manual folding hinge track and bridging platform to maximize easy of use and safety. With a comfortable seat design and height adjustment, combined with the advanced controlled technology provides an unsurpassed ride quality for the user at a surprisingly competitive price.