Easy Living Home Elevators  installed a low-rise platform lift designed for wheelchairs to improve accessibility at the information centre of RMIT University in Melbourne.

Featuring a sleek design that complement’s the University’s architecture and décor, the new Glaze wheelchair platform lift offers a unique and aesthetically-appealing addition to the modern RMIT campus.

RMIT's Glaze wheelchair lift is crafted from glass and aluminium for strength and safety, and features black dimpled rubber flooring from the entry into the lift for the added safety of wheelchair users.

Compliant with the Building Code of Australia, the Disability Discrimination Act and Australian Standards, the Glaze vertical platform lifts offer a number of advantages for high-traffic spaces, including university campuses.

Key features of Glaze wheelchair platform lifts:
  • Travels to a height of up to two metres
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor settings
  • Customisable to suit specific aesthetic and structural requirements
  • Compliant with the latest quality, disability and safety requirements
  • Offers effective disability access in public spaces while taking up significantly less room
  • Designed for quick installation
  • Does not require a shaft or separate machine room, with the power unit contained within the lift itself
  • Robust and safe design
  • On-board console, single wing powered gates and safety bellows under the lift platforms
Backed by over 13 years in business, Easy Living Home Elevators has installed a wide range of lifts in Australia including public disabled access lifts, service lifts in restaurants, elevators in private homes as well as low rise boutique elevators. The company also maintains nearly 5,000 lifts across Australia.