Easy Living Home Elevators  offers a range of stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts and elevator systems to assist people with limited mobility in travelling up and down stairwells. 

The company's products including its wheelchair stair passenger lifts are designed for use in both residential or commercial environments and comply with AS1735 standards.

The wheelchair stair passenger lift is a fully automatic transportation unit, used for carrying wheelchair users or less mobile people up stairwells of any structure. 

Key benefits and features of the wheelchair stair passenger lift include:

  • is collapsible and can be parked when not in use
  • unit is fully automated
  • various platform sizes are available
  • maximum load capacity is 230kg
  • suitable for powered wheelchairs
  • system can be installed on curved staircases with varying gradients
  • motor is built into the platform, eliminating the need for a machine room
  • can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements of a household or commercial space