Sustainable design principles are increasingly influencing the global design and construction industry. The focus on reducing emissions and minimising waste has forced designers and specifiers to seek ways to improve sustainability while delivering performance and cost savings to their clients. As one of the most highly used features in commercial buildings, bathroom spaces are under increased scrutiny. One area of ongoing debate is over which hand drying solution - paper towels or hand dryers - is more hygienic, economical and sustainable.

'Green hygiene: Specifying hand dryers for health and sustainability in commercial bathrooms' is an examination of the benefits of modern hand dryers, a hygienic, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. The context surrounding the rising popularity of hand dryers is discussed, as are the economic and environmental benefits of these in comparison with paper towels. The strict demands for hygiene are also covered, followed by a look at the different performance profiles of various hand dryer types. Finally, the whitepaper presents the latest hand dryer technology to meet the exacting demands of today’s sustainability-focused market.

As a  world leading designer and manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, lighting, and hair dryers, Dyson is committed to continuous innovation. Established in 1991, Dyson now employs over 3,500 engineers and scientists in its world-renowned Research and Development teams. All Dyson machines are subject to rigorous performance, endurance and reliability testing.

Download this whitepaper to discover how modern hand dryer technology offers the ideal sustainable design solution for the modern commercial bathroom.