Sports safety, toddler toys, medical makeovers and products geared toward a sustainable future were chosen as Australia's bright design ideas and making it to the finalist list in this year's coveted student design award, the Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award.  

Following a rigorous judging process involving a panel of Australia's top industry designers, 11 finalists were selected from the initial 98 entries, and according to Australian Design Awards, this year's finalist list is of the highest standard on record. 

Encompassing a broad spectrum of fields including medicine, education and the environment, Australian Design Awards are seeing entries addressing concerns such as fire fighting, sports safety and medical advancement, but overall a general trend from young designers was designing with sustainability in mind. 

The Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award is the student arm of Standards Australia's Australian Design Awards, and has been developed in conjunction with Dyson to recognise and reward innovative designs that bring solutions to everyday problems.  

The top three winners will receive an Australian Design Award and share in $10,000 prize money from Dyson. The gold winner goes on to compete in the James Dyson Award, an international student design award that supports young talent through both prize money and a design mentor program.  

According to Dyson SEA, the Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award is a great way for student designers to make in-roads to a career in design.  

After winning gold in the 2006 Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award for her ergonomic violin, Tricia Ho was offered an internship with the Yamaha design team in Japan.  Winners of the 2007 Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award will be announced on Friday 11 May 2007.