Dynamic Steel Frame recommends steel framing as the best choice for frames when building a new house.

Homeowners have to consider several factors prior to building their homes, from design and approvals to material selection. However, Dynamic Steel Frame believes there’s no need to look further than steel framing when it comes to choosing frames for the construction.

Five great reasons to choose steel house framing when building a new home:

1. Environmentally responsible

Steel framing is an environmentally responsible choice as it’s recyclable and reusable, with its longer lifecycle reducing the amount of valuable natural resources being consumed, which is good for the environment.

2. Longevity of the material

Steel house framing won’t rust, rot or deteriorate, resulting in a longer lifespan than traditional housing frames. Being completely termite-proof, homeowners don’t need to worry about damaging termite attacks in any environment – rural or urban.

3. Fire safety

Being non-combustible, steel framing cannot catch fire, negating the risk of the frame burning or contributing to a fire. Steel frames also prevent fires from spreading quickly throughout the house, reducing the risk of igniting the inner cavities of houses and buildings.

4. Cost-effective

Considering the quality, longevity and safety aspects of steel house framing, a homeowner can save significantly during construction with this frame solution. Steel framing can actually add value to a property and is quickly becoming the benchmark for discerning property builders around the country because of its many benefits.

5. Aesthetics

Steel is malleable, allowing steel framing to be bent and curved to add interesting and creative aesthetics to a home or building. The inherent strength of steel house framing presents the homeowner with many more options for creating large open-plan living designs, which aren’t typically possible using timber framing.