Durra Panel is suitable for both loadbearing and non-loadbearing partition walls. These panels are strong enough to be installed without the backing of a timber frame. You can also save vital space for internal walls simply by using Durra steel wall system frames.

For loadbearing walls where a timber frame already exists

  • Fix Durra Single Channel to the floor and ceiling to form the top and bottom track.
  • Stand Durra Panels vertically within the Durra Single Channel track.
  • Install Durra Double Channel Studs as panel-to-panel joiners for loadbearing strength and rigidity.

For non-loadbearing walls up to a height of 2.7m

  • Install Durra Panels vertically within a Durra Single Channel top and bottom track or on top of a timber base plate. For double layered partition walls requiring an internal cavity, Durra Panels can be fixed against a timber top and bottom plate.
  • Use biscuit connectors along the long edges of Durra Panel and screw fix either side of the join to hold the panels together.
  • Joins between Durra Panels can be left undressed, filled with builder’s sealant or trimmed with Durra aluminium sections.
  • Install the skirting board and cornice to conceal top and bottom fixings to finish.