Durra Panel is a versatile range of building panels that deliver sustainability, durability and affordability benefits to the project.

Made entirely from wheat straw, Durra Panel is a fully-certified wall and ceiling panel offering fire resistance, acoustic and thermal benefits, as well as a trafficable surface.

Durra Panel insulates against sound and heat while offering a stronger, safer and cheaper alternative to conventional building materials that can assist your project in achieving its green building rating targets.

Benefits of Durra Panel:


Durra Panel is made from a renewable biomass by-product, making it sustainable.

Acoustic advantage

Durra Panel is a naturally effective material for noise control.

Thermal performance

Durra Panel achieves the level of thermal performance required by the Building Code of Australia.


Manufactured through high-density compression, Durra Panel displays both high strength and rigidity.

Fire resistant

Durra Panel is tested for fire resistance in accordance with Australian Standards and has global certification.


Durra Panel can be safely walked upon to become a trafficable work platform.


Durra Panel is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Simple installation

All Durra components are sent to site pre-cut and finished, ready to be installed.