Dulux has developed a primer in a convenient Spraypak to provide protection and adhesion in hard to reach areas. The Quit Rust Spraypak Etch Primer can be used on a number of different surfaces including aluminium, galvanised iron, zincalume, copper, brass and stainless steel and the can spray application means application time is drastically shortened. One litre of the primer covers two square metres of the surface area making it economical too.

The main features of Dulux Quit Rust Spraypak Etch Primer is that is fast drying and allows for a fast recoat which saves precious time. It has excellent adhesion and requires no chemical pre-treatment or prolonged weathering. It also is completely lead free and is therefore safe to use anywhere in the house. The base colour is grey and it can be purchased in 300 gram cans.

For best results, customers are urged to remove any flaking paint from the surface, and ensure it is completely clean and dry before priming. There are specific instructions for each type of surface including the basic cleaning of zincalume with a damp rag; copper and brass requiring Scotch Brite and a damp rag; to the more complex aged aluminium which requires removal of white rust with a wire brush, followed by a sugar soap solution, then a rinse.