Dulux  recently released a new and improved Quit Rust formula. The new Quit Rust range comprises three simple steps to help fight rust, which tends to become particularly prevalent during the colder months.  

The Quit Rust preparation range is designed for the treatment of existing rust conditions, and the Quit Rust primers provide additional protective barriers for optimum protection against corrosion. Finally Dulux Quit Rust Topcoats can be used to finish metal surfaces.  

The simple Quit Rust process ensures minimum fuss and maximum creative potential. Quit Rust Topcoat can be tinted across more than 800 Dulux colours, including white, deep and ultra deep. The vast scope of possibilities means rust prone areas no longer have to look awkward; they can be treated with the same care and creative flair as would other parts of the home.  

The time spent deciding on the ultimate palette for rust-protected areas is saved when it comes to applying Quit Rust’s improved new formula. Containing a unique resin system, Quit Rust’s active ingredient, urethane, creates a rust inhibiting barrier with tough surface properties. The application and tidy-up of Quit Rust is kept clean and simple because it is water-based, eliminating the need for turps.  

With just 30 minutes before Quit Rust Topcoat is touch-dry in thirty minutes and can be re-coated after two hours (previously up to 16 hours), rust affected areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.  

When following the three step Quit Rust process, a seven-year guarantee is provided.