NeverMiss One Coat Ceiling White Paint has been formulated to be pink on application and gradually turn white as it dries so customers can be assured they will never miss an area. Dulux has designed this paint specifically for ceilings and it provides outstanding opacity and superior hiding power with just one coat.  Other features include a low roller splatter formula and an ultra flat finish. Surface imperfections are hidden easily and the need for only one coat per use makes this a practical and economical paint, saving time and money.

Application only requires a roller or brush and one litre of paint covers twelve square metres of ceiling. The base colour is white and Dulux NeverMiss One Coat Ceiling White Paint is available in two litre, four litre and ten litre tins to suit small and large projects. Customers must make sure the ceiling is free from loose dirt, grease, dust, mould, mildew, and flaking paint, and efflorescence and mould on masonry must be treated before applying the Dulux paint. Clean water is all that is required for clean up.