The all-in-one prep coat from Dulux is an all purpose primer sealer and undercoat with excellent opacity, hiding power, filling and sandability. The 1 Step Oil Based Primer Sealer Undercoat can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces making it durable, and in addition, Dulux paints are formulated to be long lasting. Application is simple and all that is required is a roller, brush or con-spray, and one litre of paint covers 16 square metres of wall space making it economical too.

Dulux 1 Step Oil Based Primer Sealer Undercoat can also be used as a topcoat as it provides a smooth finish. It can be purchased in 500 millilitres, one litre, four litre or ten litre tins depending on the size of the surface area to be painted, and the main base colour is white.

Customers should note that before application, the surface must be dry, clean and free of dirt, chalk, grease, wax, mould and flaking paint. Some sanding may be required however the 1 Step Oil Based Primer Sealer Undercoat can normally be applied directly onto the interior or exterior surface. Afterwards, all equipment must be cleaned with mineral turpentine.