Dulux ’s Natural White was used in the redesign of a Melbourne home occupied by a family of six.

The occupants did not want fuss and clutter, and preferred a simple and clean aesthetic. However, they also wanted to avoid creating a bare and lonely house.

In response, the designers, Nexus Designs, decided to create a warm, neutral base as the starting point, before selectively adding pops and threads of colour and texture to inject more life and soul into the home.

Dulux’s Natural White was employed as one of the key base elements in the project. A crisp and modern white, it was coated on the walls in the living rooms and extends into the kitchen area, where it is used on the pantry door and kicker.

Providing an ideal backdrop for the desired colour scheme, Natural White by Dulux also helped to brighten the rooms, thereby creating the illusion of bigger and lighter spaces.

Photography by Fraser Marsden