The DR1000 and DR2000 series heavy duty multi purpose commercial rollers from Doric Products offer protection against corrosion and provide strength and durability.

The heavy duty commercial rollers are suitable for use with aluminium and UPVC sliding doors, with both series offering a fully adjustable carriage providing 10mm of height adjustment. The commercial rollers contain a high performance roller with “ZZ” bearing and dust seal for a corrosion free operation.

The multi purpose commercial rollers are fitted with a passivated metal inner carriage and stainless steel adjusting screw and nut, with the outer carriage and internal assembly being manufactured to withstand corrosive environments.

The DR1000 Series of multipurpose commercial door rollers has been designed to suit standard commercial applications, and the rollers are compatible with most standard suite bottom rails and some residential suites. The heavy duty rollers are recommended for larger sliding doors up to 100kg in weight.

The DR2000 Series of commercial rollers is moulded with a high performance engineered polymer, providing it with superior load and cycle testing, and is recommended for larger sliding doors up to 200kg.

Both series of commercial rollers are available in a black finish

Technical specifications of the heavy duty rollers include:

  • Cycle Rating: 30,000 
  • Inner Carriage: Cast zinc passivated 
  • Outer Carriage: Engineered polymer 
  • Type: DR71 high performance polymer with “ZZ” bearing and dust seal. 
  • Max Load Capacity: 50kg per carriage