The Door Closer Specialist can provide sliding door closers and self latching devices for both aluminium and timber doors, as long as the door can operate with minimal friction when closing. Once fitted, the door closing system will make the door more difficult to operate manually. The Door Closer Specialist can install closers onto double doors that meet in the middle but with stacker and bifold doors, only the last door can be fitted and the other must be fixed permanently. The maximum opening of the door must be restricted to 1100 millimetres for an effective door closer to work.  

The hydraulic sliding door closer is available in two sizes, medium and heavy duty. Both have a maximum opening of 1200 millimetres and are designed for use on swimming pool access doors. The medium closer has a fixed strength while the heavy duty closer is power adjustable. Both have a feature a fully adjustable closing speed which will give controlled closing action.  

The Sliding Door Closer by Inventco features a weight and pulley system to provide a friction free, controlled closing action for light weight flyscreen screen doors. The closer is mounted on the door itself which is filled with water during installation. Extra weights can be added for heavier sliding screen doors.