The Door Closer Specialist range of Ryobi door closers includes the D-2550, D-3550, D-2100V, 30, 60 and 1500 Series, plus flush bolts and door selectors. All Ryobi products are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to Australian standards. The entire range is built to be long lasting, durable and easily maintained.  

The D-2550 door closer is designed to suit commercial doors. The medium duty D-2550 has an architectural appearance to suit modern buildings, and features a closer that will cope with a range of door sizes and weights. It is fire rated with an optional hold open arm, and has an adjustable back check and push or pull installation.  

The Ryobi D-3550 is also fire rated with an adjustable 2 speed closing, power and back check. It has a slim line cover design and a push or pull installation. The D-3550 also comes with optional hold open arm and delayed reaction.  

The D-2100V door closer has a fixed strength, slim line body to suit heavy traffic commercial doors. It features an optional slide arm and hold open am. The D-2100V has a closing a latch speed, size 3 for parallel arms, and size 2 to 4 for standard installation.  

The Ryobi 30 Series concealed overhead door closer suits aluminium, glass and timber doors. It features a fully adjustable door alignment, and centre pivot system for single and double action doors. It can be purchased as a 90 or 105 degree hold open door closer, or the standard non hold open door closer. This Ryobi product has three spring strength sizes (light, medium and heavy duty) to suit individual door size, weight and width.