The GCC floor spring door closer, available from Door Closer Specialist , works as a self closing system for pivoting doors. The GCC floor spring door closer system provides an effective way to achieve a modern architectural looking door.

The users can purchase this closing system as a Timber door package, Aluminium door package or with Patch fittings to suit toughened glass doors.

Following are the features of GCC floor spring doors:

  • Available in 3 sizes (strength) to suit the width of the door, 700 mm- 1300mm, opening leaf
  • 90 Degree Hold-Open unit
  • Non- Hold Open unit
  • Maximum door opening – 130°

With the hydraulic control provided by the GCC the users can achieve a slow controlled closing action on their door, either as a double acting door or single acting door. For wider doors the users can counter pivot the door, where they set the pivot point in from the door frame to create the look they want. The opening width of door is the important thing in selecting closer size.