The Door Closer Specialist has three types of gate closing systems suitable for all types of outdoor gates including pedestrian, swimming pool safety, body corporate, domestic, security, child care, school, field, farm, wildlife, and industrial gates. Only the highest quality materials have been used in the construction of these gate closing systems to ensure they are long lasting, durable and reliable. 

The Direkt gate closer will prevent banging gates by establishing a controlled closing action as opposed to typical spring hinges. With adjustable closing spend and adjustable closing force, it will reduce the chances of injury in public access areas including schools, child care facilities and swimming pool safety gates. Installation is simple and it operates similarly to a gas spring. As the gate is opened, the piston rod is compressed, and when closing, the piston rod extends as pressure from the nitrogen gas inside is released, therefore causing the gate to close slowly. The Direkt gate closers compact design will also compliment the gate’s appearance. 

The domestic garden gate closer is suitable for smaller garden gates and picket fence gates, and uses an alternative system to the standard spring hinge system that rely on gates slamming together to close, where latching is not always guaranteed. The domestic garden gate closer is easy to install and economical, and requires a pull side or hinge side of gate installation only. Using a low friction latch system will provide a more controlled, effective and reliable operation. The field gate closer is suitable for wide gates, up to 3.6 metres. It has an adjustable controlled closing action to ensure a smooth close every time the gate is opened.