Door Closer Specialist  can now effectively and reliably close security access gates for Body Corporate gates, Intercom gates, Council gates, school gates, public area pedestrian gates, playground gates, childcare gates and swimming pool gates.

Self closing and self latching is achieved with control. With a number of models available to suit the gate, customers can contact Door Closer Specialist for help in choosing the right system for the gate.

The new Direkt gate closing system for outside gates is now available in Australia.

With more power than Door Closer Specialist’s smaller Domestic gate closer, Direkt gate closing system is better suited to commercial applications. The Direkt gate closing system can be fitted to security gates to ensure a positive latching action.

Fitted to the pull side of the gate, the Direkt gate closing system will provide a smooth closing action with a closing force to cope with a considerable range of gate designs. Mounted off the post with adjustable closing force, the gate will no longer need to slam to ensure it is closed.

Operating similar to a gas strut, when the gate is opened the piston rod of the door closer is compressed. After people walk through and the gate is released, the piston rod will extend, closing the gate behind them. The closing speed is controlled due to the hydraulic action and the use of nitrogen gas.