Door Closer Specialist  presents fire rated door closers from leading brands including Dorma, Hafele, Lockwood, Ryobi and AssaAbloy.
Door Closer Specialist offers several heavy duty door closers for fire resistant doors including power adjustable door closers to suit various door widths and door closers for push or pull side installation.
Door closers that have been fire tested and approved to AS 1905 Part 1 must have a backcheck function, necessary to protect the door if it is flung open against a wall, whether deliberately, accidentally or as a result of a gust of wind.
Reliable door control starts with making the right product choice after considering variables such as door widths and air pressure as well as assessing type of installation, architectural appearance and value for money.
Door Closer Specialist can assist customers with their selection of the right closer for their fire and smoke doors.
Dorma fire rated door closers include:

  • Dorma TS 68
  • Dorma TS 72
  • Dorma TS 73V
  • Dorma TS 83
  • Dorma TS93 slide arm
Fire rated door closer brands available from Door Closer Specialist 

  • Hafele DCL 51
  • Groom 300
  • Ryobi 2550
  • Ryobi 3550
  • Geze TS 2000
  • Geze TS 4000
  • Lockwood 7724
  • Lockwood 7726