The current global pandemic highlights the need to improve and maintain hygiene in every environment – public and private. While hygiene has always been a critical component of day-to-day operations in the healthcare sector as an infection prevention and control measure, there is always room for improvement when it comes to hygiene protocols. Hygiene control mechanisms in healthcare settings can range from simple hand sanitiser stations to automatic touch free door systems.

Having the flexibility to choose from a broad range of non-automatic and automatic doors allows the healthcare sector access to more efficient, touch-free, hygienic options.

Automatic touch free doors eliminate the need for touch to open doors, enabling hospitals to establish a higher level of hygiene both at a personal and workplace level.

DMF International offers a range of automatic doors with remote or sensor activated options for the healthcare sector including RL3000 rapid roll doors; automatic traffic swing doors; Efaflex cleanroom roll doors; and Dortek GRP swing doors.

Rapid roll doors have wide application in healthcare environments. These doors can be activated by remotes, wave pad sensors or sensors that detect any movement within a set distance from the door, allowing the door to open for easy and quick access to personnel, hospital beds or trolleys.

Automated swing doors, specified widely in Australian healthcare facilities, can be either operated manually or fitted with automated openers and wave pad sensors. Wave pad sensors are commonly used throughout sectors that demand a high level of hygiene. Mounted to the wall, these sensors are activated by hand movement and require no touch.

There are highly sensitive areas in medical and healthcare facilities such as laboratories, operation theatres and storerooms that require higher pressure compared to standard areas such as corridors or waiting rooms. The areas that are required to be pressurised create a positive pressure, preventing air flow from non-sterile areas.

DMF International offers a range of doors specifically developed to withstand pressurised rooms, allowing the healthcare facility to maintain higher levels of hygiene control. These doors can be operated manually or automatically and are durable as well as efficient.