Automatic doors serve their purpose in many ways in commercial and industrial environments. Commonly installed in warehouses, factories, logistics facilities, car parks, clean rooms and refrigerated rooms among many others, automatic doors help create secure and efficient work environments. However, given the high demand requirements of such facilities, these doors are also expected to deliver a high level of functionality. A robust design, ability to withstand heavy duty load cycles, need for speed with minimal downtime, low maintenance, effective heat and noise insulation, energy efficiency, wind resistance and safety assurance are some of the expectations that automatic doors are required to meet in modern work environments.

In terms of performance, standard roller doors and panel lift doors come up short against these expectations. While their ability to secure the facility is not doubted, these doors have low tolerance for high frequency use, increasing maintenance and downtime. Their low opening and closing speeds present a liability for busy environments, impacting the pace of operations. In food facilities, such doors can also affect compliance through potential contamination. Slow speeds can additionally become a security concern in protected facilities by leaving room for breaches.

High speed automatic doors address all the shortcomings of conventional roller doors with their high operational speeds and resilience to withstand extreme load cycles. Continuous design improvements based on technological advances have taken high speed door automation to new levels of functionality; however, the high speed operation also brings into focus the increased risk to personnel and equipment, and the need to be more vigilant about safety.

Efaflex from DMF: Swift, secure and safe

Efaflex high speed spiral doors, distributed by DMF International in Australia, deliver a unique combination of high speed quiet operation, extreme load capacity, robust construction and excellent safety.

The German-manufactured Efaflex S Series high speed automatic doors are based on a patented spiral system designed to facilitate high opening and closing speeds, reduce wear and increase service life. Unlike conventional roll doors where the door blade is rolled up on a shaft, Efaflex’s system guides the laths into the patented spiral to smoothly and noiselessly handle the challenges of high frequency operation. Since there is no contact between the laths, the exterior appearance of the door leaf is maintained for years. The spiral system also helps with the maintenance of doors featuring transparent laths by keeping the panels clean and unclouded for clear visibility.

Efaflex S Series high speed spiral doors are also environmentally sensitive in design, construction and function with recyclable materials used for door laths; excellent thermal insulation and energy savings from the high speed operation; minimal noise penetration; and superior weather resistance.

DMF’s Efaflex range of high speed spiral doors delivers secure access control through fast action opening and closing operation. Available in a selection of models with peak speeds in excess of 4 m/s and ability to tolerate up to 250,000 load cycles per year, Efaflex high speed doors not only minimise energy loss in secured environments but also reduce the risk of unauthorised entry. Safety is guaranteed in the Efaflex door design with options such as the EFA-ACS active crash system; traffic control solutions combining traffic lights, induction loops and magnetic card readers; EFA-TLG infrared door light-line curtain; and EFA-AIS infrared sensors.

DMF International is an Australian family owned business specialising in the manufacture and supply of high speed doors custom-made to the size, application and performance requirements of the client. Boasting over 40 years of experience in the supply of flexible PVC doors, high speed automatic industrial doors and climate control doors, DMF backs its comprehensive high quality product range with prompt service and customer support.