Impact-resistant doors from DMF International continue to be installed at several supermarket chains across Australia. Manufactured by DMF, these traffic doors have been supplied to Woolworths and Coles for their stores.

DMF’s impact-resistant traffic doors are two-way swing doors, designed for busy openings from the selling floor to the stock area where there is high traffic flow from pedestrians as well as trolleys.

Featuring a push-through action with automatic closing, these doors come with high impact-resistant teardrop-shaped bumpers, which absorb the main impact on the door from either direction. For added safety, a virtually unbreakable double glazed polycarbonate window allows two-way vision to the users.

The door blade is 40mm thick with a high density insulated core and compressed formed between ABS surfaces.

Custom manufactured by DMF in Sydney to size, these swing traffic doors can be configured to suit the required design of the application.

These versatile doors have also been supplied to various hospitals, food processing and preparation areas, and even commercial kitchens and clubs.