DMF International installed a high speed security door at an apartment carpark in metro Sydney.

DMF was engaged to provide a high speed access control solution for the carpark at a large apartment block near Sydney CBD. The site presented major challenges with the floor having a 400mm sloping grade and headroom of less than 700mm.

After careful design and planning, DMF engineered an Efaflex SST high speed door, complete with a custom made sloping bottom section, and oval shaped head spiral design.

Efaflex high speed security doors can operate at impressive speeds of nearly 2m/s with auto closing, and come complete with full safety sensors. Efaflex high speed doors are designed to operate hundreds of times a day, providing an effective deterrent to intruders.

Building managers are often faced with the challenge of securing all access points to their buildings, especially carpark entrances and dock areas, which are used to access the property for burglary or vandalism. Conventional shutter doors are slower, and not really designed to perform hundreds of operational cycles each day.

DMF has partnered with German company Efaflex Gmbh to supply and install a variety of high speed security door solutions that will reduce targeted vandalism and crime incidents.